The history

In 1878 the Greek state offered a unique product to the international market, the raisin (dry grapes) witch represented 80% of the total national exports.

In the northern Peloponnese, where the main production of grapes is located, ground prosperity offered many things to those who cultivated this auriferous product.

Old Fotis, our great-grandfather, decided in 1892 to build a detached-house with the important profits that he had acquired from the business of raisins.

The mansion was constructed for himself and his family using the best materials of those times and even importing some from abroad.

The construction was undertaken by the best Stone builders and the furnishing by famous craftsmen of the times, while the timber came from abroad.

All this made us, his descendants; want to honor his memory by giving his name to this traditional hostel that we created.

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Mr Dimos: (Primary)
+30 6974366394

Ms Vasiliki:
+30 6977295847


The GPS Coordinates (from google earth): 38.240371,21.984837


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